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Revelation 14:6-12 - and - Revelation 18:1-4

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If You're Thinking of Leaving Your Current Church or Have Left, Please let us Know Why?

There are many people in the Catholic, Mormon and other churches or religions who feel something is missing in their walk with God. I am putting together stories from people who have left their prior church or religion and feel they have been lead to the Seventh Day Adventist Denomination.

Why the Seventh Day Adventist Denomination you may ask? Click Here to See Why I became a Seventh Day Adventist

If you would be willing to submit a small story explaining why you left your prior place of worship, I will post your story on this Website for Internet visitors to read.

All personal information will be kept strictly confidential and I will only post your Personal Story, First Name (or anonymous if you wish) and the State or Country you live in.

Here is your opportunity to reach others who may have the very same questions you were asking before you left your prior place of worship.

People are spiritually hungry and are searching the Internet for answers to sensitive questions.They know by using the Internet, they can search for answers to their questions with anonymity and without negative reactions from their peers or clergy.

Please prayerfully consider taking time to write a small story of why you decided to leave your last place of worship. I am positive that God will bless you for your time and efforts.

In your stories, please show respect to those who are still affiliated with your prior church or religion.

Why You are Leaving your Church

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Why You are Leaving your Church

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On a Final Note

If you do not know or have drifted away from God, please consider what I've written here. Satan mocks those who reject Jesus, knowing they will suffer the Second Death.

Remember, Belief Cannot Change Reality and the reality is that God exists and wants nothing more than to have a relationship with you through His Son Jesus. Please hearken to His call on your life.

If you do not have a relationship with Jesus, please consider turning your heart and life over to Christ...

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