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Revelation 14:6-12 - and - Revelation 18:1-4

Present Day Truth for God's End Time Children

Welcome to Road to Better Living

Road to Better Living is dedicated to bringing Present Day Truth to the body of Christ. There are so many different interpretations of Bible prophecy in the Christian church today, and Road to Better Living is trying to eliminate doctrinal error in God's church.

You will find many topics on this site will prove the Bible, does in fact, interpret itself. Please use your Bibles and compare what is written on the pages of this site with what your Bible says. You will find Bible Prophecy explained in context with what the Bible truly teaches. We will expose many pagan doctrinal errors that have crept into the God's church over the course of several centuries.

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We hope your Visit here will be Rewareded by the Biblical Truths you will find here.

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Satan has been very successful in clouding the true Character of God through deception, and pagan doctrines. God desires that His people know who He truly is and He has been exposing lies and false teaching in the body of Christ since the Protestant Reformation.

Below are some of the truths that have resurfaced over the last two centuries, and now is your chance to see just how far Christiandom has fallen from Biblical truth. By reading the topics on this site, you will see just how successful Satan has been in smearing and hiding the true Character of the Father from God's people.

Good News

"Heaven or Hell"

What happens to us after death is a question many of us have asked. Do we go to Heaven or Hell after we die? Many...


"Lies About God"

Why do so many reject the God of the Bible? Is it because they believe Satan's lies about who God is? The truth is...

Good News

"Truths Discovered"

Many doctrines in the Christian church today foster an incorrect picture of the true character of God. Has...

Prophetic News

"God's Final Warning"

Time is coming to a close and God is giving His people a final prophetic warning, "The Three Angels Messages"...

Hot Topics


God's Other Worlds.

The Names of God

The Names of God...

The Reverent Challenge

Reverent Challenge.


Satan's Big Secret.

What is Sin

Just What is Sin???

Why do we Doubt God?

The Doubting of God

Below are some topics and ministries we think you will find interesting. Todays Christianity has apostatised from sound Biblical truth and is teaching doctrines that have there roots in paganism. Many church doctrines have been taken out of context from what Bible scripture truly teaches. When you find time, check out these links below...

Lucifer's Fall From Heaven

Satan is roaming Earth seeking who he can destroy.

Islam Versus Christianity

Islam and Christianity in Bible Prophecy.

People of the Book

People of the Book have a Message for Muslims.

Secrets Unsealed

Secrets Unsealed Ministry with Stephen Bohr

Discover Prophecy Series

Prophecy Seminar Series - David Assherick

Amazing Bible Facts

Amazing Bible Facts Ministry - Doug Bacheler.

We live in a time where many are under stress from daily living, financial insecurity or serious health issues. God wants His people to understand the times we live in and is calling us to prepare for the coming trials that is about to hit our world.

The Second Coming of Jesus is closer than we think. Here are some topics we need to be aware of so we can ready ourselves for the soon return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Good News

"Truth About Hell"

Contrary to popular and current Christian belief, Hell and the Lake of Fire do not exist yet, but will be created...


"Satan's ToolBelt"

In this text we will outline six of Satan's most effective tactics that he uses against us. What are these tactics...

Good News

"God's Armor"

What is "the Armor of God" and how do we put it on and use these powerful tools that God has given us all to fight the...


"The Fatal Loss"

How is it that a Christian could believe they are saved only to find out from Jesus that their souls will be lost...

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